Cappuccino and Coffee

Cappuccino and Coffee is dedicated to the culture of coffee. From the pragmatism of drip coffee and K-Cups to the finer points of Italian methods for brewing and drinking coffee, from the do-it-yourselfer with an at-home espresso machine to the newest and trendiest coffee shop vibes, from tips about which gas stations serve a decent cup-of-joe to the best latte art that’s out there, from the historical nature of coffee consumption to the latest technologies for roasting, grinding, brewing, and serving various coffee drinks, from a quick caffeine fix to an etiquette-driven coffee date, everywhere you look there’s both low-brow and high-brow culture. There’s both Cappuccino and Coffee.


Find Great Tips and Advice

We can help you find and choose the right type of cappuccino maker. We can help you shop for and choose the coffee beans that will make for a great home brew. We can help you explore the different ways to brew the coffee. We can help you discover your own cappuccino and coffee preferences. Maybe you need to experiment with dressing your drip coffee in various amounts of cream and sweetener. We’ve always found that people consistently underestimate how the exact amount and type of cream and sweetener plays on the overall taste of the coffee drink. (Fractions of an ounce matter when you’re talking about something as heavy half-half.) We can help you understand some of the agricultural and economic realties that go into producing coffee beans.


Maybe your long-time coffee habit has started giving you heartburn and now you’re looking for low-acidity varieties of coffee. We can help you understand the range of health benefits and health risks associated with coffee consumption. Looking for portable options for coffee on your next camping trip? Looking for the latest thermos designs?—or maybe it’s cup design ideas for fancy sit-down coffee dates? We’re working on resources for all these various Cappuccino and Coffee habits.


Help Us Define and Develop Coffee Culture

Explore our magazine blog as we continue to put out informational guides, personal opinions and attitudes, and cultural observations. Do you have something about coffee culture that you really need to share? Then, tell us about your own roast, grind, and brew with coffee culture. Have a coffee question you’ve been trying to get answered for a little while now? Reach out to us and we’ll tell you what we know.


Truly, we’d love to hear from you. Is the whining hiss of commercial espresso machines an integral part of the coffee shop experience, or an annoying drag on the conversation? What’s the most overrated coffee drink out there? The most underrated? Did you meet your wife in a coffee shop? Did you bond with someone over a cup of coffee in the Caribbean? Did a new espresso machine change your entire daily routine? Tell us about it.